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MERMAID:   Turquoise mermaids and starfish wrap around dark brown and lime green backgrounds. Branches of coral complete the beachy scene!

FISH!:   Big blue bubbles against lime green. Fish swim around the bottom with watchful eyes.

ENGLISH T:   Sophisticated burgundy-red with swirls and bright lemons around the bottom.

FRUIT LOOP:   Lime green-on-green stripes with bright green apples against poppy red at the bottom!

MARTINI:   Red , white and black. Green Olives against black with alternating black and white martinis around the bottom. Cheers!

TUSCANY:   Deep purple diamonds with artichokes and eggplants against a golden-yellow background!

GARDEN PARTY:   Periwinkle swirls and alternating tomatoes and chickens on the bottom!

CHILI PEPPER:  A pattern of red hot chili patterns pop against yellow. Cool turquoise on the bottom with a prickly vine. So South-West!

COSMIC PICNIC:  Delicious bright pears against a dark periwinkle blue background. Black and white diamonds wrap around the bottom!

STAINLESS STEEL:  Well, not exactly, but the shiny silver leaves and swirls look very modern. Top is silver with small black and white dots. A Big black on white dot pattern adorn the bottom.

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